Fido’s First Aid Kit

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  • Do you have a dog first aid kit in your training bag to address minor injuries or provide care until you can get your dog to the vet in an emergency?
  • In a crisis, would you know where the nearest emergency vet is located in the DFW area?

Fido’s First Aid Kit was designed especially for you! It is a small, lightweight, durable kit ideal for tossing into your training bag. In the lid you’ll find a listing of the emergency veterinary clinics in the DFW area – with notations indicating which one is closest to most training and show locations. With all the basics, you’ll be prepared to treat a minor wound or provide care until you can get to a veterinary office.

Fido's First Aid Kit - small & durable

Small durable container – 4.75″x3.4″x1.5″

First Aid Kit - packed with content

Packed to meet a wide range of needs

First Aid Kit - individually packed items

All contents packaged individually

The product has been discontinued.