Specialty Classes

CometDogU offers classes to help dogs reach their full potential. Specialty classes include:

  • Therapy dog preparation
  • Helping your dog learn to focus and relax

Class Schedule

Check out our calendar page for class schedules and pricing.

Class Descriptions

Therapy Dog Prep (6 weeks)

Therapy Dog Prep - Dog checking out wheelchairYour dog is a social butterfly, and you’re interested in giving back to the community by becoming a Therapy Dog team to visit at local hospitals, nursing homes and other public locations. This course will help you and your dog learn the behaviors needed to create happy, safe and memorable social visits. You’ll also prepare to pass a Therapy Dog evaluation. The last class session includes a practice therapy dog evaluation/test.

Minimum age: 26 weeks with current vaccinations
Prerequisite: Canine Life Skills 2

Relaxed Rover (5 weeks)

Relaxed Rover - dog settling on matHaving a dog that lunges and barks at people or other dogs can be stressful. This class is designed for dogs that have a hard time focusing or calming down, become anxious in various situations or tend to bark at everything. You’ll learn how to manage situations which help keeps your dog comfortable. We give you tools to use when your dog encounters something scary. Using the safe classroom environment, we teach the dogs how to relax and redirect their attention away from distractions.

This is a five week class. The first week of the class is for people only – no dogs. Weeks 2 through 5 are dedicated to working with both people and dogs.

Minimum age: 16 weeks with current vaccinations