Competitive Obedience

Competitive obedience is great way to develop your partnership with your dog. Success in the dog obedience ring demonstrates a high level of communication and cooperation between dog and handler as they complete increasingly difficult tasks. Placements and titles are available to be earned, but often the greatest pleasure is in a well-choreographed performance.

Class Schedule

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Competitive Obedience Class Descriptions

Rally and Novice Obedience Foundations (6 weeks)

Belgian Tervuren learning Rally & Competitive Obedience FoundationsThis is the introductory course for competitive obedience and rally training. The focus is on basic elements that will be used at all levels of competitive obedience and rally. This includes heel position, heeling with changes of pace and direction, front position, left and right finishes, stand position, recalls and stays.

Prerequisite: Canine Life Skills 2 or equivalent

Novice Obedience

Introduction (4 weeks)

Sheltie heeling in Novice level competitive obedienceThis course builds on the elements learned in Rally and Novice Foundations to create the Novice level competitive obedience exercises. These exercises include heeling patterns, sequence fronts and finishes, and build distance and duration for recalls and stays. Novice exercises will be supplemented with foundation skills to prepare for Open and Utility exercises.

Prerequisite: Rally and Novice Obedience Foundations

Polish (ongoing 4 week sessions)

The Novice Obedience Polish ongoing course focuses on refining the exercises required to qualify in Beginner Novice and Novice Obedience. In addition to strengthening their dogs’ behaviors with consistent practice and strategic distractions and proofing, handlers will practice appropriate strategies for handling Novice ring procedures.

Prerequisite: Introduction to Novice Obedience

Advanced Obedience (ongoing 4 week sessions)

Sheltie performing Retrieve over High in Competitive ObedienceIn this ongoing class, we will focus on continuing to learn and refine the Open exercises. The Open exercises include the retrieve on the flat, retrieve over the high jump, drop on recall, and the broad jump. In addition, we will incorporate some preparation for Utility including signals, moving stand, send away, directed retrieves and directed jumping. Each week will include most of the Open exercises, one or more of the Utility skills, and a short practice session for heeling and figure 8s. We’ll finish the class with an out-of-sight sit or down stay.

Prerequisite: Introduction to Novice Obedience
Required equipment: dumbbell. Optional equipment: white work gloves (3).