Pre-agility Obedience

CometDogU is excited to pair with Best Friends in McKinney TX to offer pre-agility obedience classes to prepare dogs for agility. The Basic Skills classes are divided into (2) 6-week sessions. The Basics 1 session (Canine Life Skills) focuses mainly on obedience skills. The Basics 2 session (Skills for Agility) grows the obedience skills and introduces basic agility handler maneuvers and common agility obstacles.

Class Schedule

1/21/18 - 2/25/18Sun 4:45pBasics 1: Canine Life SkillsBest Friends - McKinney, TX Sign Up
3/18/18 - 4/29/18Sun 4:45pBasics 2: Skills for AgilityBest Friends - McKinney, TX Sign Up

Class Descriptions

Basics 1: Canine Life Skills

Pre-agility Obedience: Dog walking with loose leashDo you want to help your dog learn basic skills while you both have fun? Then this is the class for you! Over six weeks, we’ll introduce several behaviors for your dog that will help him or her become a happier, more integrated member of your family. You and your dog will work on attention, settling (on a mat or in a crate), sit and down, polite walking, come, wait and stay, and leave it. Along the way we’ll have lots of good times and your dog will learn a trick or two. You’ll see great progress from this class using positive, reward-based training techniques that get results!

Minimum age: 20 weeks with current vaccinations

Basics 2: Skills for Agility

Pre-Agility Obedience: Dog learning to do the agility ladderAre you and your dog interested in starting agility classes soon? If so, learning some specific skills will help you and your dog be successful and have fun in this off-leash sport.

Here are some of the skills we’ll work on in this class:

  • Turn basic stays into start line stays
  • Increase handler focus so your dog isn’t visiting other dogs and handlers during their turn
  • Teach a strong recall so you’re not watching helplessly while your dog does laps around the field
  • Targeting that will turn into many future behaviors
  • Body awareness to help your dog learn to negotiate contact obstacles

You will also begin learning basic agility handler maneuvers. We’ll familiarize your dog with several common agility obstacles such as tunnel, tire, table, and jumps (ground level).

This class will help you and your dog work around distractions. You’ll add both distance and duration to basic behaviors. At the end of six weeks, you’ll be as prepared as possible to run full speed into agility classes!

Minimum age: 26 weeks with current vaccinations
Prerequisite: Basics 1: Canine Life Skills or equivalent