Canine Fitness

Do you and your dog compete in sports such as agility, flyball, hunt tests, earthdog trials, or lure coursing? Does your dog run with you or chase Frisbees on the weekend? If so, developing strength, balance and flexibility could help your dog by reducing the likelihood of injuries. In addition to helping control their weight, a good canine fitness program helps dogs recover their balance more efficiently after an “oops” occurs and gives them a “paw up” on recovery if needed.

Class Schedule

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Class Descriptions

Canine Fitness Foundations (6 weeks)

Canine Fitness: Dog on balance board

If you are ready to start a conditioning program for your athletic dog, this is the class for you! Over six weeks, you will learn how to build a fitness program for your dog using a combination of items you can find around your house and specialty equipment such as balance disks, inflated peanuts, paw-pods and balance-boards. Some of these foundation exercises require no equipment at all. You’ll finish the class with an understanding of what types of exercises are appropriate for your dog and how to organize a meaningful exercise plan and schedule. Your canine fitness program will include:

  • Exercises to strengthen front, rear and core muscles
  • Exercises to help your dog discover his feet (proprioception)
  • How to design warm-up and cool-down routines for your dog’s athletic activities
  • How and when to effectively stretch your dog

Minimum age: 1 year with current vaccinations
Prerequisite: Canine Life Skills or equivalent