Dog Classes

Our dog classes include dog & puppy manners, rally obedience, competitive obedience, canine fitness, skills needed for agility and specialty classes such as therapy dog.

Dog & Puppy Manners
Collie walking with loose leash in dog class

CometDogU’s Life Skills dog classes are designed to create a well-behaved dog that the whole family can live with. The emphasis is on basic skills such as polite walking, come, sit, down and stay, attention, leave it and settling (on a mat or in a crate). Our more advanced manners classes enable dogs and owners to practice their new skills with real world distractions. Our good dog series addresses real-life challenges including pulling on leash and coming when called. Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, we have a class for you.  Learn More

Rally and Competitive Obedience

Affenpinscher doing Rally Obedience dog classCompeting in Rally or Competitive Obedience is great way to build teamwork and have fun with your dog. Mastering the rally obedience exercises can benefit anyone with companion dogs who want to better navigate crowds and tight spaces. Agility competitors who want their dogs to have more control and handler-focus may also benefit from learning rally exercises. Success in the dog obedience ring demonstrates a high level of communication and cooperation between dog and handler. Placements and titles are available to be earned, but often the greatest pleasure is in a well-choreographed performance.  Rally       Competitive Obedience

Canine Fitness

Dog learning balance in dog class Developing strength, balance and flexibility can help your canine athlete by reducing the likelihood of injuries. In addition to helping control their weight, a good canine fitness program helps dogs recover their balance more efficiently after an “oops” occurs and gives them a “paw up” on recovery if needed.  Learn More



Dog learning to do agility tunnel in dog classCometDogU offers a series of (2) 6-week sessions to prepare dogs for agility classes at Best Friends in McKinney TX. The Basics 1 session (Canine Life Skills) focuses mainly on obedience skills. The Basics 2 session (Skills for Agility) grows the obedience skills and introduces basic agility handler maneuvers and common agility obstacles.  Learn More

Specialty Classes

Specialty dog classes address therapy dog prep and helping your dog learn to relax.  Learn More