It’s Time to Close the Buffet and Feed Your Dog Regular Meals

All-you-can-eat buffets are a huge temptation. Using rational judgment about the amount of food you really need flies out the window when you’re faced with all those yummy goodies. Who doesn’t leave the buffet having stuffed–or over-stuffed–themselves? So why should we expect our dogs to limit themselves when all the food they could want is available at their very own personal all-you-can-eat buffet? Well, it’s time to close that buffet and feed your dog regular meals. Not convinced? Read on for some good reasons to make the switch. Read more ›

Give Your Dog Responsibility and Let Him Do It Himself

“Mother, please, I’d rather do it myself!” This phrase came from an early 1960s television commercial and proved so popular it became a national punch line. Two songs were recorded with the title, it appeared in comics, and was featured in a Carol Burnett skit. It’s also a truism for dog training – give your dog responsibility and let him do it himself.

Have you ever gone to a new location as a passenger in a car, and then tried to drive there on another day only to get confused and lost along the way? Would you expect a student to do well on exam day if someone else had done his homework? It comes down to this: we learn best by doing. And so do our dogs.

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Don’t Just Say No! – What Do You Really Want?

When your dog runs up to greet you, barking, wagging his tail, jumping, bouncing off of you and asking for attention, don’t just say No! He’s simultaneously doing 5 things. If you tell him No, which of those activities don’t you want? Did you mean “no barking”? Perhaps you meant “don’t jump on me,” so instead he jumps on your significant other. Read more ›

Finding Time to Train Your Dog

time to train excuse - ran out of time

Favorite excuse #1: I didn’t have time to train!

Work. Family. House. Yard. Kids. Parents. Laundry. Errands. Sleep. With so many demands on your personal time every week, who has time to train the dog? The answer: everyone!
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Dog-Friendly Festivals

Cottonwood - Dog Friendly Festivals

Today, April 11th, is National Pet Day. For those of us who are dog lovers, every day is a special day to spend with our pets. Springtime in Texas is full of options for fun things to do, but not every event will welcome your pup. This list of dog-friendly festivals and other events highlights some opportunities for you and your dog enjoy being out and about together: Read more ›