Our Dogs

Here is your opportunity to meet the CometDogU dogs. Look for them as demo dogs in our group classes or out-and-about at the local dog friendly hangouts.

Sydney’s Dogs

Sheltie weaving - Photo by Tom Bridge (FastClicks)Roxie (Springtime April in th’Rockies) is a small sable Sheltie who came from Vicki King’s Springtime line.  She is feisty, headstrong, extremely intelligent and quick at everything she does. She was Sydney’s first clicker puppy, trained from day one with the clicker, and later her partner for the Karen Pryor Academy. Roxie usually learns a new skill in just a few repetitions – just enough to convince herself it’s “this” and not “that” that’s being rewarded. She loves to watch television – especially sports shows and action shows (if it’s got a chase scene, she’s happy). Roxie has multiple titles in agility, rally and obedience, and has dabbled in other activities such as sheep herding. She’s also incredibly empathetic and is a well loved and respected Therapy Dog.

Sheltie jumping - Photo by Tom Bridge (FastClicks)Cherokee (Blue Mountain Cherokee) is a tiny bi-blue Sheltie adopted from DFW Sheltie Rescue. This little critter is a shy, loveable cuddle bug, preferring to be a lap dog even when the others are out barking at squirrels. But when faced with a challenge, she’s got big-dog attitude in that tiny body. On agility courses, she’s a blue streak, only pausing occasionally to argue about the direction the course should take. She’s a barker – we always know when there’s activity in the neighborhood, even if it’s just leaves falling from the trees. A true tiny dog, she’s susceptible to cold weather, hibernating in her Texas Longhorns sweatshirt when the temps are frigid. Cherokee also makes regular Therapy Dog visits to a local nursing home.

Sheltie - agility tunnel - Photo by Elizabeth EvansApache (Blue Prairie Apache) is another tiny bi-blue Sheltie adopted from DFW Sheltie Rescue after having been a stray in Corsicana, TX.  Just a youngster, Apache is learning fast from his new sisters – both good habits like waiting in an open crate for dinner and bad (but fun) ones like barking at the squirrels. He’s wiggly, friendly, outgoing, fearless and ever ready to offer puppy kisses.  Apache thinks he’s part mountain goat and will climb or jump on just about anything. He’s looking forward to discovering life around DFW – fairs, festivals, activities, basic classes, dog sports and more.  He may become an agility champion, a therapy dog or a star – he’ll tell us as he grows up!

Jeanene’s Dogs

Collie - agility tunnel - Photo by Phyllis Ensley PhotographyOcean (Montara’s Look to the Sea) is the grand-dame of the CometDogU herders. A tri-color rough Collie, Ocean is a gentle soul with a streak of queenliness in her. Life usually goes her way. She pretty much runs the house, the yard and the neighborhood. She demands the respect of all of the other herders. Ocean is titled in multiple sports including agility, obedience and rally – and also did some sheep-herding. She is retired from her beloved agility career but still loves visiting a trial to collect treats from her many friends. Although she enjoys watching life go by from a curled up position in her favorite armchair, she’s most content when she’s laying outside in the yard and surveying her kingdom – on a  warm, sunny day, or a cold, cloudy day, or even on a drizzly or snowy day.

Collie doing Chute - Photo by Sirius PhotographyJasper (Millknock Moonshine) is a tri-color rough Collie who is affectionate and playful with a distinctive and demanding bark. Jasper is accomplished in obedience, rally and agility, sporting a long list of titles. He was Jeanene’s partner for the Karen Pryor Academy and is presently a frequent guest as demo-dog in her classes. Jasper is particularly fond of pizza crusts as an extra-special treat. When given any opening, this lover-dog is likely to show you the meaning of “lap Collie”.  He is a well-loved Therapy Dog.

Gryffin doing Agility - Photo by Phyllis Ensley PhotographyGryffin (Millknock’s Cast a Spell) is a sable Merle rough Collie who is learning fast from the other dogs – both good and bad habits, and tossing in a few bad habits of his own. Gryffin is total energy. He is always ready to explore, play, run, chase and tug. His favorite place to chill-out is on any cool floor, with both back legs kicked-out “frog” style. He knows no stranger, and is ever willing to exuberantly greet a friend. Gryffin has started his performance career in the rally and agility rings. He’ll tell us where he wants to go from there. Look for Gryffin in nice weather at all of the local hang-out spots with Jeanene.