The CometDogU dog trainers offer in-home private training and group classes in manners, skills for agility, rally and canine fitness in the north Dallas, TX suburbs. All training is positive-reinforcement-based and conducted with a huge dose of good humor. Train with us if you want to teach your dog and have fun at the same time!

Meet our Trainers

Co-owners Jeanene Lorenzen and Sydney Burton founded CometDogU because they both love dogs and recognize that dogs trained positively will love to learn. They use scientifically proven methods to help both dogs and their owners develop communication and understanding.

Why Train with CometDogU?

  • Do you want to improve your dog’s manners at home?
  • Do you wish your dog would come when you call him? Or walk politely on leash?
  • Could you use help with your new puppy?
  • Would you like to establish good behaviors that will last for the lifetime of your dog?
  • Does your dog need solid foundation for competitive dog sports?

CometDogU believes in teaching canine skills that help a dog in all areas of his or her life and handler skills that help you work more calmly and effectively with your dog. Positive training builds confidence and strengthens your relationship with your dog which leads to having more fun with your dog.

Clicker training with CometDogU will teach you a simple and consistent way to communicate with your dog – to tell your dog what you want and to show approval when your dog gets it right. In return, you’ll develop a dog that loves to learn, learns fast, remembers what he or she is taught and is more tightly bonded with you. This video, featuring Karen Pryor, explains the importance of the positive reinforcement training philosophy.

The better you communicate, especially with your dog, the more likely you’ll get what you want. So here’s your picture – a happy dog, paying attention to you, responding to your requests and interested in learning new things. That’s a CometDogU-trained dog!

The CometDogU Guarantee

Do we guarantee our training?

We guarantee many aspects of our training, but it would be irresponsible and unethical to guarantee the outcome of any training. Just as you can’t guarantee that a child will make a 100% score on a test, you can’t guarantee that all parties in a training situation will cooperate and perform the necessary tasks to achieve the objective. We can assure you that if you follow the training plan, and everyone in your home is consistent, you will see changes in your dog’s behavior.

What we do guarantee is providing the best training possible:

  • We use positive, force-free training, based on the latest and most reliable methods offered by the scientific community.
  • We offer training that fits your lifestyle.
  • We customize training to address your needs and requirements.
  • We deliver training that is clear and fun for both human and dog.
  • We treat our clients with respect, kindness and understanding.
  • We are on time and well prepared for training sessions.
  • We maintain our clients’ privacy.
  • We are committed to lifelong learning to improve our teaching and training skills.
  • We strive for complete client satisfaction, both canine and human.